“As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” – Abraham- Hicks



Raising Conscious Vibrations was a name that came to Katrina Evans in the early 2010’s, something to speak to how life was being experienced personally as well as encompassing the services and offerings that were coming to fruition.  So started a very tentative journey into stepping out into the light of life, which for the most part was much like a tortoise, with a step out and pull back in again when it all got too much.


Katrina, is very blessed to have a supportive and loving blood sister in Loretta Nelson.  We may live far apart – Johannesburg, South Africa and Vancouver, Canada – but we share common interests in health, healing and being.  We’ve joined forces here to move Raising Conscious Vibrations forward in contributing to a connected Conscious Humanity working together in service for the Highest Good of each other and the Planet. You can read more about us here.

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We are here to serve and help you on your journey through our services (which include Reiki, Energy Healing and Balancing, Healing Journeys, Intuitive Creative Sessions, Akashic Readings, Home/Office Alignment and Clearings); and with information/inspiration on what we have ourselves learned and what has worked for us (see our Blogs).

“Beyond the Right Way and the Wrong Way there is a field, I will meet you there.” – Rumi



Energy is the basis of everything and everything in the Universe vibrates at a particular frequency with the rate of vibration being unique to the substance in question. Becoming aware of our own vibration and choosing what we want it to be and how we want to live in this world, is a Conscious process. So too is the impact we want to have in and on the world and our fellow non-human inhabitants. Our vibration touches onto all the vibrations of everything around us and creates a ripple effect. Being aware of the ripples we are emitting is the first step to living a consciously aware life.

Our vision is a world in which the collective humanity is aware of the vibrations and ripples we are each creating and sending out. One in which we consciously strive to live in such a way as to raise our own vibration and continuously assist others do the same. Through choosing a path of love, tolerance and respect; and aiming for progress, not perfection in our collective journeys, we strive for constant learning, refining, forgetting and remembering again, as conscious living becomes a way of life for each of us and our clients.


Our aim is to contribute positively to the overall well being of humanity by living our best possible lives, and being compassionate to ourselves, our environment and the humans and animals who share them; while embracing holistic and natural healing and striving for a peaceful, creative and loving existence. Our mission is to inspire, support and engage with others who are on a journey to live differently, to find and improve themselves and their environment through being aware of their energy and the vibration we each choose to operate from. We aim to achieve this through education and products and services aligned with this goal.


Self-care, energy healing and balancing, creativity and community are the core of Raising Conscious Vibrations.  We aim to provide loving support, inspiration, encouragement and engagement with our clients, communities and environments. 

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